Watch this video and more on All Warrior Network

Watch this video and more on All Warrior Network

Weekly SITREP Episode 77

Recently Added – 3m 56s

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  • Weekly SITREP Episode 76

    WEEKLY SITREP covers the week's discussion on AWN's Social Media platforms. Topics include the Osprey being retrofitted with more firepower, vet helps cop arrest thugs, American As F*ck!, DD-214 Man!, Energy drink dangers and more!

  • Nomadic Veterans

    Nomadic Veterans is a documentary about two former Army Rangers who set off from Denver, Colorado in the summer of 2014 with nothing but their backpacks and one hundred dollars. They had three weeks to see how far they could get around the world, raising awareness and money for veterans transitio...

  • Johnny Walker

    Nate Boyer interviews Johnny Walker, a former Iraqi interpreter who was attached to the Nacy SEALs and regarded as an honorary SEAL and brother to the men he fought alongside with. He recounts his incredible journey through his book, Codename: Johnny Walker, which is now in works to become a feat...