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Watch this video and more on All Warrior Network

Day Two, Day Stakes - Ep 205

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  • Day Two, Smoke-Fest! - Ep 206

    4m 35s

    Second event of Day Two Ranger Day stakes, First Responder. A high risk mission to deliver medical aid and then extract the wounded soldier.

  • Day Two, Live Fire Acton - Ep 207

    4m 55s

    Ranger Day stakes, Day Two continues at Krilling Range. Like all the other events these teams are being tested on the basic Rangers Skills they learned while attending the sixty-two day Ranger School. Today, the exam is Shoot, Move and Communicate under

  • The Darby Queen - Ep 208

    5m 2s

    At the end of Day-Two the stress of time and distance was about to get kicked into high gear for the third Orienteering event of the competition. But this one starts at sundown and won't be over until the sun comes back up.