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  • Weekly SITREP Episode 118

    We're back from SHOT SHOW 2018! Check out some of our coverage and stay tuned for more coverage in the upcoming days! This week, James talks about OPSEC issues with fitness watches, clown penis, the end of Beetle Bailey, US Army WTF Moments, and MORE!

  • Weekly SITREP Episode 117

    On this week's WEEKLY SITREP, James discusses about Russian cooking mishaps, E-tool beheadings, Senator Chelsea?!, US Army WTF Moments, and more!

  • Weekly SITREP Episode 114

    Sorry for the short hiatus, warriors! We were busy planning new, big things for you guys. On this week's Weekly SITREP, James looks into cool new Christmas ornaments, UK Army brawls, VA misconduct, Stolen Valor, US Army WTF Moments, and MORE!