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  • Valor- Aldo Giannini

    Aldo Giannini joins the U.S. Marine Corps in 1943, and travels to the Pacific to fight the Japanese in WWII. First at Tarawa, then Okinawa, Aldo is then sent as part of the occupying force in Nagasaki following the U.S. victory over Japan.

  • Valor- Tian Soepangat

    Tian Soepangat joins the U.S. Navy. As a Muslim, Tian is uncertain of his shipmates' attitudes toward his religion, and so he hides it. Once he finds that he doesn't have to hide this part of himself, he is freed to feel pride in his heritage.

  • Valor- Scott Castle

    While on deployment in Iraq, Marine Corps soldier Scott Castle discovers weightlifting helps ease the mental pressures of war. Now in pursuit of a technical writing degree, Scott employs the discipline of the military to reach his goals.

  • Valor- Zoe Dunning

    As a Naval Officer who had to hide her sexuality for years, Zoe Dunning implores Washington to consider the damage this injustice does, not only to individuals, but to the military as a whole.

  • Valor- Tiffany McKinley

    Tiffany McKinley's experience in the U.S. Navy was a positive one, but she knows other women in the military weren't so lucky. Pursuing a degree in cognitive science, Tiffany looks for new areas where women can thrive in today's military.

  • Valor- Rory Fanning

    Army Ranger Rory Fanning discovers little to be proud of while on duty in Afghanistan. Risking a jail sentence, Rory becomes a war resister, before being ordered to leave. Once home, he embarks on a journey of historical discovery, and writes a book.